Plenary Session
Keynote Speeches

Plenary Talk 1

Title: "A New Trend On Data Compression"
Speaker: Prof. Hyoung-Joong Kim (Korea University, Korea)

Short Biography:
Hyoung Joong Kim received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering in 1978, and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Control and Instrumentation Engineering from Seoul National University in 1986 and 1989, respectively. From 1989 to 2006, he was on the faculty of Kangwon National University, Chunchon, Korea. He has held a visiting position at University of Southern California during 1992-1993. He was a Prime Investigator of the iPCTV project during 1997-2000, and has developed MHP, ATVEF, and DASE data broadcasting platforms with the leading-edge companies in Korea including the Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Daewoo Electronics, Korea Broadcasting Systems. During 2000-2005, he was the Prime Investigator of the iMS project, and has developed an interactive broadcasting system based on DASE and ACAP, personalized broadcasting system over TV-Anytime specification, and TVN for home networking solution over digital television. He was the founder of the International Workshop on Digital Watermarking (IWDW). He has served as a Technical Program Chair or Co-Chair and Organizing Chair of many international conferences including IWDW2002, IWAIT2004, IWDW2005, PCM2005, and WIAMIS2006. He also served as a committee member and a editor for LNCS(Lecture Notes in Computer Science). Currently, he is the Chairman of the Korea e-Learning Society, Editor-in-Chief of the Institute of Electronics Engineers of Korea, Korean Society of Broadcast Engineers and Korea Institute of Information and Telecommunication Facilities Engineering. He was one of the Guest Editors of the IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology in 2003 and EURASIP Journal of Applied Signal Processing in 2006. He was also the Head of the Media Service Research Center (MSRC-ITRC), one of the excellent research centers funded by the Ministry of Information and Communication, Korea during 2003-2005 and is Head of the U-Home Research Center, one of the excellent research centers funded by the Ministry of Education, Korea. He has contributed to the MPEG specifications including the digital item adaptation in MPEG-21, file format in MPEG-21 and MPEG-4, and symbolic music representation in MPEG-4.

Plenary Talk 2

Title: "Non Gaussian Modeling with applications"
Speaker: Prof. Hữu Tuệ Huỳnh (Interational University VNU-HCM, Vietnam)

Short Biography:
Hữu Tuệ Huỳnh received the Sc.D. degree in 1972 from Laval University (Canada) where he had been a Faculty member of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering since 1969. He was an Invited Guest at The AT&T Information Systems in Neptune, 1984 and has been invited to give lectures at several Universities in Europe, America as well as in Asia. Professor Huynh is author and coauthor of two books and more than two hundred papers and reports in Information Processing. He has served as Consultant to a number of Canadian Government Agencies and Industries. His research interests cover non-Gaussian modeling and processing, stochastic simulation techniques, fast algorithms and architectures with applications to finance and to communications. After 1975, he often came back to Vietnam as invited professor in order to give advanced courses in Information Processing and to do joint researches with some colleagues from Vietnam. At the invitation of Prof. Nguyen Van Hieu in 2005, he left Laval University to take care of the newly created Department of “Information Processing” at the College of Technology, VNU, Hanoi. During the period 2007-2011, he was invited to set up Bac-Ha International University, Hanoi, as its first President. He is now working as a research professor at the School of Electrical Engineering of VNU-HCM’s International University, where his responsibility is creating a new research group in “Intelligent Signal Processing”. He is Editor-in-Chief of “REV-Journal on Electronics and Communications”.
Contacts (E-mail ):
Korea: Hyunsik Ahn ( / Tel: +82-51-629-1563 / C.P.: +82-10-2518-4777
Vietnam: Vo Nguyen Quoc Bao( / Tel: +84-83-9101-536 / C.P.: +84-91-3454-446